Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer with Caffeine


A recent study performed by the University of Toronto reports that caffeinated beverages can help lower your chances to developing UV-related skin cancer. The findings are reported by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and state:

“Multiple human epidemiologic studies link caffeinated (but not decaffeinated) beverage intake with significant decreases in several types of cancer, including highly prevalent UV-associated skin carcinomas. The mechanism by which caffeine protects against skin cancer is unknown.”

These findings confirm an earlier study:

” …of 94,000 female participants, those that drank caffeinated coffee daily were 10% less likely to develop non-melanoma skin cancer” (2007 study performed by Abel et al.)

Scientists are still seeking to understand how caffeine lowers the risk of skin cancer but they know that caffeine helps UV damaged skin cells die rather than replicate.

So rest assured that you can enjoy your daily cup of coffee under the sun … just remember to always wear sunscreen as an added precaution.

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Read the full article Worried about skin cancer? Try Coffee posted by cnet News.

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