New to Our Organic Coffee Beans Collection

We have recently added three new varieties of organic coffee beans to our collection of gourmet coffees.

Organic Peru Andes Gold Gourmet Coffee Beans

Organic Peru ‘Andes’ Gold

Straight from the Andes Mountains in Peru, South America these Andes Gold coffee beans are 100% organic and have the added feature of low acidity which means they are easier on your stomach. You will find that this light/ medium roast coffee is sweet and leaves no lingering aftertaste.

Organic Gourmet House Blend

Organic Gourmet House Blend

Rich caramel and chocolate flavors are forefront in this Central and South American blended gourmet coffee. Not only are these coffee beans organic coffee beans they are also Fair Trade coffee beans. By offering this coffee we help you do your fair share in protecting our environment and local coffee farms in Central and South America.

Gourmet Organic Espresso Beans

Organic Espresso

We have finally added Organic Certified Espresso beans to our collection of gourmet espresso coffee beans. All the great characteristics of espresso AND they are chemical free. You don’t have to worry about chemicals being added at any stages during production – not during growing, processing, roasting or packaging!

Organic Coffee Beans – The Standards

If you forget what constitutes “Organic Coffee Beans” you can refer back to our 2009 article on Organic Coffee Beans. The article touches on the main highlights of organic coffee:

  • Grown on pesticide free farms
  • No added chemicals or synthetic flavors
  • Packaged to protect against chemical contamination
  • Noticeably superior taste, color and aroma differences

Naturally Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans

Our entire Organic Coffee Bean collection now includes 11 lines of coffee beans from countries around the world such as Bolivia, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru.

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