Fair Trade Coffee – What’s It All About?

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Fair Trade Coffee is defined as an organized social movement developed to assist producers in developing countries to promote sustainability. It often involves direct trade with the buyer and farmer cutting out the middle man, thus ensuring the grower gets a fair price. In recent years fair trade coffee is gaining in popularity.

But Why Is Fair Trade Coffee So Important?

Americans consume 1/5th of the World’s coffee making it the largest Gourmet Coffee consumer. However as we sip our morning coffee we need to realize that many coffee farmers work in difficult conditions for very low wages. Often receiving a payment for their coffee that is less than it costs to produce, forcing them into poverty. Fair Trade Coops aim to ensure:

  • Fair Prices
  • Fair Labor Conditions
  • Direct Trade
  • Democratic and transparent organizations
  • Community development
  • Long term sustainability

So if possible choose fair trade to look out for small coffee farmers, who often use better farming practices and grow wonderful high quality gourmet coffee.

Reference: http://www.transfairusa.org/content/about/overview.php


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