Ethiopian Gourmet Coffee Ceremony

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So to continue our global tour of coffee practices around the World, the next stop is Ethiopia, in fact, believed to the the home of coffee. The coffee ceremony is a centerpiece of Ethiopian culture.

First the Gourmet Coffee is roasted over hot coals in a special container used a brazer fresh green beans are added. The participants get to enjoy the fresh aroma of the roasting coffee. The gourmet coffee beans are then ground in a traditional wooden pestle and mortar and then added to a jebena, a vessel for boiling the gourmet coffee.

The boiling vessel is this shape to allow the boiling coffee to rise into the neck, as this happens it is added to a second vessel to cool then put back to boil up again three times, the first time is referred to as awel, the second kale’i and the third and final bereka or to be blessed.

The gourment coffee is then filtered directly over the cups through a horse hair filter and enjoyed.

So the next time you are sipping your morning Ethiopian coffee remember those who have perfected it in years gone by in Ancient lands.

Source:  Wikipedia


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