Fun Coffee Facts

Brazil is the Worlds largest exporter of coffee
Brazil is the Worlds largest exporter of coffee
  • Turkish Bridegrooms were once required to promise to provide their wife with coffee during their marriage Ceremony
  • Union Soldiers in the American Civil war received coffee in their rations
  • Coffee beans are really berries
  • In Turkey and Greece the elders are always served coffee first
  • Louis XV was said to have spent s staggering $ 15000 on coffee each year
  • The first coffee mill was invented in London in 1665
  • The first coffee house was opened in 1530 in Damascus, Syria
  • 1kg of roasted coffee needs 4000-5000 beans
  • Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the World
  • Brazil is the Worlds largest exporter of coffee
  • Coffee from the Arabica plant makes up 75-80% of the Worlds coffee
  • It takes 5 years for a coffee plant to reach maturity
  • Coffee is the second most traded community in the World after oil
  • Life is too short for bad coffee so order some wonderful coffee from around the Globe freshly roasted when your order is received!

“Fun Coffee Facts”
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