Coffee and Health

A recent study of 23, 000 men and woman in Cambridge England followed for 12 years has found an inverse relationship between coffee drinking and risk of stroke. Another report with 500,000 people over 18 studies found that tea and coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Also a study due to be presented this week has found that moderate coffee drinking reduces the chances of people being hospitalized for issues with heart rhythm, going against previous advice to limit coffee. This is an observational study so the Jury is still out.

Coffee has always been in the spotlight when it comes to health so what is the American Heart Associations stance – Moderate coffee drinking namely 1-2 cups a day doesn’t appear to be harmful.

The take home message is enjoy a couple of great cups of coffee a day and who knows it may just be good for you!



“Coffee and Health”
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