Green Coffee Beans to the Weight Loss Rescue!


Dr Oz Green Coffee Extract Debate

If you regularly tune into the Dr Oz tv show you may have witnessed one of the biggest weight loss discussions of the year.

It all began with the recent study that shows green coffee extract can boost your body’s natural ability to burn fat faster and help regular blood-sugar levels, all while providing the body with desirable healing antioxidants.

The beneficial compound in green coffee beans is chlorogenic acid is only found in raw, unroasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid helps to metabolize fat and reduce blood glucose level which are the two major causes of Type II Diabetes. Studies have also found that green coffee extract can help lower your blood pressure, LDL cholesterol levels and help maintain your sugar levels.

Dr. Oz and his nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Duncan recommend adding green coffee extract to your diet.

With all the buzz the new study has created you would think that green coffee beans are the answer to all our weight loss concerns. However, green coffee extract should be taken in combination with a healthy well balanced diet and active lifestyle. If you are looking for a miracle pill to do all the work for you this may not be it. It’s probably best to stay tuned to the weight loss discussion and see what comes out of this supplement debate.

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(The information in this post is not intended to replace the advice of your own Doctor. It’s just written by our gourmet coffee loving experts at That’s Coffee).


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