Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Break

Here are That’s Coffee we have four different Blue Mountain coffees to choose from, all made from Arabica coffee beans. This morning we want to take you on a tropical journey to explore all of these coveted coffees … inspired by the Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend in our coffee mugs.

1. JBM Estate Coffee Beans

The Estate coffee beans are the real deal: 100% pure and authentic Blue Mountain coffee straight from Jamaica. This certified Jamaican coffee follows all of Jamaica’s strict regulations and is the epitome of perfection. Customers report that:

“Clearly one of the best in the world”
“ Favorable, elegant and packs a good morning jolt”

2. JBM Reserve

Our Reserve Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee combines authentic Jamaican coffee beans with complimentary South American coffee. The result is a smooth-tasting brew that satisfies all taste palettes. The silky finish will leave you wanting another cup! Customers say that the Reserve is:

“Spectacular coffee … don’t let the price tag scare you away”
“Filled with a bold but mild flavor”
“A great way to wake up”

3. JBM Blended Coffee

When you want an extra special coffee without paying a premium the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee blend is a fabulous choice. At less than $15/lb it is an inexpensive coffee that delivers on all the great flavors we love about Jamaican coffee. Customers say that

“Wonderful value, great taste”
“Deep and rich without any bitterness”
“Quality roast with flavor to match”

4. JBM Cuvee

The method of creating our Cuvee blends is borrowed from the wine experts where a superior blend of grapes is used instead of regular grapes. Our Jamaican Blue Mountain Cuvee blend is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans of the highest variety. Customers say that this cuvee blend is:

“Used for everything from breakfast to lattes”
“Makes heavenly espresso”
“Deliciously smooth”
“By far the favorite coffee in the house”

Not sure what to order? Test all 4 Jamaican Blue coffees by ordering the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Sample Pack – get a 1/2 pound of each coffee, freshly roasted and shipped right to your front door. The only thing that beats that is hopping on a plane for a tropical Jamaican vacation!

By Carissa Krause


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