5 Reasons We Love Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

We have all heard that Jamaica produces some of the very best coffee the world has to offer. But here are our top five reasons we love to brew up and serve Blue Mountain Coffee Beans – and many customer reviews agree with us:

1. Low Acidity

Heavy coffee drinkers appreciate the low acidity of Blue Mountain beans that make it easy for sensitive stomachs to handle. The coffee is anything but harsh.

2. Smooth Mellow Flavors

It has been said that the Blue Mountain features a very intricate range of flavor notes that includes herbs, spices and chocolate.

3. Rich and Fully Body Taste

Many coffee fanatics enjoy drinking Blue Mountain coffee black. The rich and creamy flavor has very little bitter aftertastes – an attribute coffee drinks often seek. Blue Mountain is considered a well-balanced cup.

4. Exotic and Intense Aromas

In addition to being smooth tasting Blue Mountain coffees are generally strong. That being said, many people comment that they do not need to use a much coffee when brewing a pot.

5. Quality Assured

Thanks to the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board, all coffees named or labeled Jamaican Blue Mountain must be licensed. Licensees must meet or exceed the high certification standards that ensure the utmost highest quality.

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