What is JBM Coffee?

JBM stands for Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountains Coffee Region

This coffee has become a worldwide brand – one of the only regions of the world to market their own “brand” of coffee in the same way that Starbucks or Folgers do. JBM coffee is cultivated in the Jamaican Blue Mountains in the Caribbean. Strict Jamaican law ensures that only qualified estates in the Blue Mountain region can legally call their coffee JBM. To maintain their reputation and high standards the government as well as the Coffee Industry Board strictly regulates these estates which include Wallenford, Mavis Bank and Silver Hill.

If you are looking for JBM coffee you need to be prepared to pay a premium for its rich flavors. JBM blends can sell for more than $20 a pound while 100% Pure JBM coffee beans sell for much more.

When buying JBM coffee it is important to understand the difference between the JBM blends and the pure JBM. It is common that the amount of JBM coffee sold worldwide often exceeds the actual yearly production of JBM. This means that some companies market JBM coffee as “JBM style coffee” or blend JBM coffee beans with other Arabica coffee beans. If you are looking for a more economical way to enjoy the flavors of JBM this can be good option. However if you are wanting pure JBM you shouldn’t settle for less.

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