Coffee Consumption Around the Globe



Ever wondered who drinks the most coffee around the Globe?, coming in at number one is Finland (12/kg/person/year). Finland is followed by: Norway (9.9kg /person/year),  Iceland (9/kg/person/year), Denmark (8.7 /kg/person/year), Netherlands (8.4 /kg/person/year), Sweden (8.2 /kg/person/year), Switzerland (7.9 /kg/person/year), Canada (6.5 /kg/person/year), Germany (6.4 /kg/person/year) Brazil (5.6 /kg/person/year), Italy (5.9 /kg/person/year), Greece (5.5 /kg/person/year), France (5.4 /kg/person/year), , Croatia (5.1 /kg/person/year) . The US is middle of the range at (4.2 /kg/person/year), UK (2.8 /kg/person/year) and Australia (3 /kg/person/year).

Despite the downtown in the global economy coffee consumption has not declined in fact a whooping 130 million bags were consumed in 2008/09.