7 Steps for Preparing Great Gourmet Coffee

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Here are the top 7 things you should know about preparing a great cup of Gourmet Coffee .

1.       Coffee Bean Quality – single origin coffees are best and far superior to blended coffees

2.       Coffee Roast – not all coffee beans can withstand a dark roast and yet, some coffees taste their very best only as a dark roast

3.       Age of the Roasted Coffee Bean – keep it vacuum sealed, keep it in a cool dry place and open only when you are ready to use it

4.       Coffee Grind – buy whole bean, grind immediately before use and grind according to the needs of your brewing equipment

5.      Type of Coffee Brewing Equipment – how do you like your coffee? Drip coffee machines deliver a completely different cup of coffee than a French Press, or an espresso machine.

6.       Temperature of the Water – what a difference just a few degrees can make; the optimal water temperature for brewing coffee is between 95 and 98 degrees celius.

7.       Water Quality – it should go without saying, but let’s say it anyway…always use only fresh water

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