South Indian Filter Coffee

South Indian filter coffee is a blend of dark roasted gourmet coffee beans and chicory, popular in the Southern Indian states of Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The coffee beans used are Arabica and Robusta. These coffee beans are grown in the hill regions of these states and have been for the last few hundred years.

South Indian filter coffee is made by a special stainless steel filter. The Gourmet Coffee is added to the top chamber with hot water and then slowly drips through to the lower chamber forming a strong coffee at the bottom.

This is then mixed with hot milk and any desired sugar. Traditionally it is poured back and forth between a tubbler and daborah to mix, aerate and cool it down.

In the United states most indian stores will sell the ground filter coffee and in many cases the filter for you to make your own gourmet coffee.

To make it add about tablespoon of the powder to the filter and fill with water up to the level then it will slowly filter through into the bottom chamber to make a shot. Some folks set it up over night then add milk in the morning. If you wanted you could froth milk with an espresso machine and add the coffee.

In India you will find this famous coffee served in restaurants, cafes and along the road sides, coffee and tea sellers will also board trains at the stations to sell it!


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