Tips for Serving Great Coffee

  • First and foremost it pays to look for a quality coffee. Also  coffee loses its aroma and taste after sometime, so its better to buy it freshly roasted. Here at That’s Coffee the coffee is roasted the same day an order is received.
  • Another great tip to maximize the taste of your coffee is to grind it just before brewing it.
  • Make the coffee with cold water filtered is advised as it imparts a nice fresh taste.
  • Grind correctly for your method of brewing for espresso extra fine and regular brewed coffee medium coarse.
  • Ensure your coffee pot is clean and regularly clean your machine.
  • Just grind and make enough coffee for immediate use you can always make more later. A good rule of thumb is 70g of coffee to one liter of water.
  • Carefully swirl the coffee jug to mix as a layer of bitter firm often forms just after brewing.
  • Enjoy freshly brewed coffee there and then, don’t reheat or boil it.

Use whole coffee beans – don’t use pre-ground coffee, ground your own for best results. Our favorite coffee right now is Hawaiian Kona Coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain


View 190+ Different Coffees from 31 countries around the World.

We roast and ship your 100% Arabica coffee beans the same day to ensure the freshest flavors!

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