All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!


The Japanese ultra fashionable drip fed coffee makers are being seen in more and more US coffee shops. Like San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Cafe on Mint St. the owner fell in love with the device 26 years ago after visiting Japan and recently got one for his store. The Oji drip fed machines cost a whopping 20,000 dollars and it takes 88 drips a minute and 12 hours to brew just 3 liters.

The halogen lamps push the coffee which is then carefully stirred with a bamboo paddle by a specially trained barista to get it just right. The length of time it takes to brew the coffee means that the store only makes it twice a day. In the morning after it has been brewed 12 hours over night and then in the evening after it has been put to work during the day. The signature iced coffee drink is said to taste like a coffee bourbon and has folks lined up around the block for it.

So if you ever want to try one check out The Blue Bottle Cafe’s in San Francisco and Brookyln NYC


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