To Freeze or not Freeze

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That is the question.The experts say yes…and no. Coffee beans are porous, so they absorb flavors and moisture, which can ruin the taste. The best place to store your coffee is in a dry place, like your pantry. Once opened, coffee beans shouldn’t be stored for more than two weeks.

What if you can’t resist buying your favorite gourmet coffee in large amounts? Then freezing is a better option than wasting.

Just remember to:

A) Freeze your beans only once. Don’t remove them from the freezer and return what’s left. Temperature changes and moisture spell disaster to gourmet coffee beans. Once out of the freezer, keep them in an airtight container in a dry place.

B) Freeze coffee beans in airtight sealed containers. You’ll want to keep them dry and seal them against other flavors. To avoid waste and preserve taste, divide up your beans into weekly portions and take out only what you will use.

Should coffee beans be stored in the refrigerator? That’s a definite no-no! It won’t keep them cold enough to preserve them and your coffee will taste like last’s night leftovers!


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