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Different Coffee Grinds

The noun “grinds” refers to the different degrees of ground coffee; for example, there are fine, medium, and coarse “grinds.”

When you purchase whole coffee beans you have the flexibility to grind them to the consistency that is required by your type of coffee maker.

Course Grind Coffee

The consistency is chunky and has distinct particles of varying size; coffee looks much like potting soil or fine gravel.

When to use: Course grinds should be used in a French Press, perculator, cold brew method coffee makers and vacuum coffee makers

Medium Grind Coffee

An in between grind that looks very similar to course sand.

When to use: Medium grinds should be use in Drip Coffee Makers that use flat bottom coffee filters

Fine or Espresso Grind Coffee

The consistency is fairly uniform and is like sugar or salt.

When to use: Fine grinds should be use your stove top espresso pots, espresso machines or in drip coffee makers with cone shaped coffee filters.


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