Gourmet Coffee Blends and Single Origin Coffees


This month we celebrate the differences

Should you be looking for single origin coffee beans or a gourmet coffee blend?

They both have plenty to offer, but don’t be fooled into thinking that a blend is somehow less appealing.

An easy way to look at the differences is to compare them to wine.

When you order Beaujolais, you are ordering a wine from a certain region in the south of France. At the same time, if you are out for dinner with friends and select the house wine, you’ll be drinking a blend of grapes from various vineyards and regions.

Just as wine connoisseurs like to blend grapes from different regions to create a distinct taste, coffee aficionados love to explore the nuances of a bold bodied Indonesian coffee blended with a fruity, acidic Kenya bean.

And, like wine, you’ll discover that you appreciate some blends more than others.

Blending gourmet coffees is not a new idea. One of the oldest and most desirable blends (back when there were only two types of coffees being grown) is a Mocha and Java blend. These two beans complement each other so wonderfully. Ethiopian Longberry Harrar beans have a bold, rich taste and when blended with Indonesian Java the result is a dreamy smooth flavored cup with a heavenly aroma.

Savor just one cup of our Mocha Java coffee and suddenly the reasons for blending gourmet coffee beans becomes deliciously clear.


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