Kona Coffee: A Coffee Lover’s Holy Grail

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Kona coffee is grown in the Kona Coffee Belt, located in Hawaii along the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The volcanic soil provides a gloriously fertile area roughly one mile wide and thirty miles long. The climate and land in this specific place is highly ideal for growing gourmet coffee. The low elevation and consistent weather allows the coffee beans to grow and mature longer.

These fantastic growing conditions result in beans that are denser and of higher quality. The limited growing area makes Kona coffee beans very rare; the demand for the only coffee bean grown in the US is extremely high.

Gourmet Secrets

Kona coffee farmers have made it a careful tradition to pick only the ripest and the best beans. Their care and dedication ensures that their harvests are only the best. The coffee plants are handled in a special and specific way all year round.

After the harvest the beans are processed and meticulously dried, milled, sorted, graded, roasted and packed. The beans are kept in valve-sealed bags to maintain freshness and flavor during shipping. These factors, along with the unique microclimate in Hawaii, make Kona coffee arguably the best in the world.

Best Way To Store Your Kona Coffee

Kona coffee needs to be given the respect it deserves. Nature and man have labored hard together to create a masterpiece that everyone will love and appreciate. Try your hardest to buy 100% real Hawaiian Kona coffee beans packaged in a valve sealed bag.

After opening, the beans should be stored in a dry and cool place. Like all other coffee beans, Kona coffee beans are porous and absorb other flavors so it is important to keep the coffee beans away from other strong foods and avoid storing them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Best Grinding Method

A burr grinder is recommended to get optimal grain sizes. Avoid blade grinders as the resulting texture can be uneven and the taste and smoothness of the coffee will be negatively affected by the resulting uneven grind of fine dust along and large bits. A burr grinder will provide uniform granules. Aim for a medium grind which yields grains that are roughly the size of raw sugar granules.

Brew With a French Press

We recommended using a French Press to brew your freshly ground Kona coffee. The method forces hot water through the coffee beans. Aim for a temperature of 201 degrees Fahrenheit. You can achieve this by removing boiling water from the heat and waiting half a minute before pouring the water. Never use boiling water; this will destroy the beans and give your coffee a burnt taste.

We also recommend drinking your gourmet coffee in small porcelain or glass cups. There should be a fine layer of foam on the top. Kona coffee has a wonderful aroma and a bright bouquet of berry and floral notes. There is nothing like it. If you are not a fan of coffee you will surely be converted after drinking a properly brewed cup of pure Kona.

Purchasing Kona Coffee Beans Online

Because of its rarity, Kona coffee may be expensive and hard to find. Online coffee companies are a great way to have freshly harvested and roasted Kona coffee beans shipped straight to your home. As Kona coffee beans stay fresh for only six to ten days after being roasted, make sure your online coffee company roasts the beans after taking your order; this ensures quality and freshness.

Try Hawaiian Kona Reserve coffee, a medium roasted bean featuring a sweat savor and balanced fragrance and acidity. The superb tasting beans are hand selected, roasted to perfection and always in high demand.

As 100% pure Kona coffee beans are only available in a limited supply, Kona coffee beans are also available in blends. This means that other varieties of coffee beans have been added into the mixture. While it does change the true flavor of pure Kona coffee, it can be a more economical way to enjoy the Hawaiian coffee experience.

The Kona Coffee Blend masterfully combines real Kona coffee beans with gourmet Arabica coffee beans from Central and South America. Though a blend, this coffee brings out the unmistakable intense aroma and distinct taste of Kona coffee beans – featuring low acidity and a slightly nutty flavor.

Kona Coffee … now That’s Coffee!

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