Green Unroasted Coffee Beans

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Coffee: The Beverage We Depend On Most

Coffee is a beverage that has spread its reach throughout the world. What started as a ‘rejuvenating’ crop in Ethiopia, has since spread to all parts of the world and now millions of people dependent on its energizing effect to fuel their days. Gourmet Coffee is a brewed beverage that is made by roasting green coffee beans. The roasted coffee beans are then ground. The resultant coffee grind is used to prepare various coffee specialties with a range of flavors added to it and served hot or cold. Coffee in its many forms is the product used by and in millions of Cafés strewn across the world delivering the best gourmet specialty coffees to its customers.

Natural coffee beans contain caffeine; which is an invigorating substance that fills your body with energy and makes you feel refreshed. The coffee bean is just one among many available natural substances that can be used to rejuvenate you through consumption with very little side effects. The crop is wide spread in Asia and Africa, where the climate is tropical. Though the coffee plant needs a cooler climate to strive in large groups, they are cultivated in hilly regions with less atmospheric temperature. The coffee plant is a form of shrub that is more than 10 centimeters tall and produces berries that contain the coffee beans. Each berry will produce two coffee beans that are roasted and ground to produce coffee grind.

The coffee beans are most commonly handpicked and segregated according to their size. Specialists are used to do this work to ensure that there is minimum wastage of the coffee beans. The coffee beans separate by machine to remove any unwanted portions o the berry. Once this is done, the green unroasted coffee beans are washed in bulk and left to dry in the drying tables. After this is the roasting process which is the key phase in developing the flavor. Different processes and length of time roasting the coffee beans can changes the beans physically and chemically. The roasted coffee bean is less dense, lesser in weight and rich in flavor which gives coffee the refined and quality taste. The temperature can go high up to 200° C and the roasting process can be done either during processing by the industry prior to package and sale or by the consumer at home.

The color of the roasted bean will decide as to which grade it belongs: light, medium dark, dark, very dark etc. Each grade of coloring contributes directly to the flavor. Decaffeination is the process of removing the caffeine from the coffee bean to decrease the caffeine content in the coffee to add to the flavor. Though there is a great deal of speculation about the disadvantages of addiction present in caffeine, there is no proven fact that coffee is indeed harmful to your health. In fact researches have proved that the benefits provided buy regular use of coffee can end up being positive as a whole. So the next time you take a sip of your gourmet coffee, understand that you are one among millions of people who rely on and enjoy this simple beverage.


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