premium coffee brands

Everything You Need to Know About Premium Coffee Brands

Premium Coffee Brands

What does the word “premium” mean to you?

One definition for premium is a ‘sum above the nominal or par value of a thing‘.

This means that the Premium Coffee Brands offer something above and beyond what ordinary coffee brands can provide. So what exactly is this and how do you know when you find and taste premium coffee?

What are Premium Coffee Beans?

Premium coffee brands offer single origin or blended gourmet coffee beans from around the world that are roasted with precision (often one second can change the entire flavor profile of the coffee!) and are delivered to the end consumer as soon as possible.

Our Premium Roasting Techniques

Two things are crucial for roasting premium coffees: Temperature and Time.

The temperature plays a role in how fast the coffee beans are roasted and what type of flavor profiles are developed as a result.

The amount of time required to create the perfect flavor profile and oils on the coffee bean are dependent on the roasting temperature and how many coffee beans are being roasted in the batch. Small batch roasted coffee beans (such as That’s Coffee’s beans) is a superior or premium way to roast because it ensures an even roast.

Premium coffee brands always have roastmasters to thank for their great coffee. These people are experienced in knowing just how much heat and for how long to roast in order to bring out the best flavors.

What About Premium Coffee Blends?

One thing that sets all premium coffee brands apart are their unique blends or secret recipes of blended coffee. By mixing two or more gourmet coffee beans the roast master is able to create brand new flavor profiles and can also compliment flavors within each of the coffee beans.

If you’ve been to Starbucks you’ve likely tried their Premium Blend “Pike’s Place” or “Blonde” roast. Here at That’s Coffee we have a number of Premium Coffee Blends that you are sure to appreciate and offer more than just your typical coffee.

Famous Premium Coffee Brands

While most people think of Seattles’ Best and Starbucks coffee beans as brands there are also some geographical brands of coffee including Kona coffee beans, Kopi Luwak and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans. These regions have some of the best coffee growing conditions and have created their own brand and name for themselves to let everyone know.

Are you Drinking Premium Coffee?

No you do not need to pay a premium for premium coffee beans when you shop online! When you shop smart you can enjoy Premium coffee for the price of ordinary coffee you would buy in your supermarket.

Stop settling for ordinary coffee and start shopping with That’s Coffee. You won’t go back!


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