Colombia Supremo Beans


Colombian Supremo Gourmet Coffee Beans

Colombian Coffee History

Although the first exports of Colombian gourmet coffee beans occurred during the early 1800’s it is believed that Colombia was first introduced to the coffee plant by European Jesuit priests perhaps as early as the 1600’s.

Today, Colombia exports in excess of ten million bags of Colombian coffee beans annually. Overall, Colombia is the third largest supplier of coffee beans in the world although it produces more Arabica (gourmet) coffee beans than any other country.

Most Colombia coffee plantations are family owned and small so rather than sell Colombia coffee beans by region or product name, all Colombian coffees are graded by size and sold by grade (Colombian Supremo being the highest grade) and reach the market through the Colombian Coffee Federation.

Colombian Supremo Coffee Description

Wet processed Colombian Supremo La Valle Verde coffee beans consist of only the highest grade Colombian coffee beans as dictated by the national standards of the Colombia Coffee Federation. Colombian Supremo fresh roasted gourmet coffee beans exhibit a full rich aroma and flavor, perfectly balanced between acidity and body. Colombia Supremo coffee beans are arguably one of the highest quality coffees in the world producing a sweet tasting, medium bodied coffee.

Organic Colombian Coffee Description

Cafe Organico Mesa de los Santos is an excellent, high quality organic Colombian coffee, third party certified by BioLatina as being grown, stored, transported and processed without herbicide or pesticide chemicals. To control insects and diseases the coffee trees for this organic Colombian coffee are planted among a variety of different shade trees and banana trees, which protect the plantation and act as natural habitats and protection for migratory and native birds; an effective and safe form of insect and pest control.

Buy Colombian Coffee Beans Direct

Buy your Gourmet Coffee including gourmet Colombian Supremo coffee beans or organic Colombian coffee beans online; available in 1lb or 5lb bags.

Gourmet Colombian supremo and organic Colombian coffee beans are fresh roasted the day it is shipped and packed in heat-sealed valve bags to ensure freshness. We also carry Decaf Colombian Supremo coffee beans.

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