Sipping on Costa Rica Coffee

A day in the life of an office can be made much more exciting and pleasant by brewing some of our gourmet Costa Rica Coffee. I was reminded of this yesterday morning as I brewed some of our Costa Rica Reserve.

Todays’ blog post is dedicated to everything Costa Rican! Growing regions, coffee characteristics and some amazing recipes to compliment your freshly brewed cup of Costa Rica coffee. Enjoy!

Costa Rica Coffee Growing Regions

The major growing regions in Costa Rica include high altitude areas such as the West Valley, Tarrazu and Tres Rios at around 1200 – 1700 meters, earning  coffee beans grown in these areas a “High Altitude” Costa Rica coffee grading. The Costa Rica coffee harvest in these areas takes place between November and March. Lower altitude Costa Rica growing regions include Orosi (900 – 1200 m and harvested between September and February), Brunca (800 – 1200 m and harvested between August and January) and Turrialba (600 – 900 m and harvested between July and December).

Our Costa Rica Reserve is grown in Costa Rica’s high altitude Tarrazu regions ensuring a slower growth of the coffee tree and the maturation of the cherries to be much slower. This results in a dense coffee cherry and a bean that packs in the richest flavor.

Did you know that Nicaraguan immigrants are commonly employed to help with the harvest? Although within the Costa Rican coffee industry harvesters are paid as little as $1.50 US per basket the wage is comparable to other primary sectors within the country.

Costa Rica Coffee Characteristics

Our 100% Costa Rica coffee beans have a flavor profile that is rich in chocolate and caramel flavors with a cup that is winy. High acidity and a sharp finish are two other attributes of this coveted medium roast coffee.

Costa Rica Coffee Drinks and Recipes

Personally I enjoy my Costa Rican coffee with just a little milk and a half teaspoon of sugar but if I had the option of a sweet treat to compliment the coffee I would choose one of these options:

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Buns

Cappuccino Coffee Cake

Kitchen Sink Brownies

What’s your Costa Rica coffee experience?


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