Decaffito – Naturally Decaf Coffee

Scientists are getting close to being able to grow coffee beans that do not contain caffeine; the development has been in progress for the past few years. The bean is termed Decaffito and is already trademarked in Brazil.

The prospect of growing a decaffeinated bean is due to a particular Coffea Arabica plant called the Coffea charrieriana. In 2004, it was discovered and noted to have a deficient caffeine synthase gene meaning it accumulated theobromine rather than converting it to caffeine. What may be considered a defect in the plant’s genetics has intrigued scientists with the possibility of bypassing the decaffeination process entirely.

The discovery of the gene has left scientists with two options – breeding the plant with other coffee plants or removing caffeine synthase gene in other coffee plants entirely. With some more work, this could achieve a Decaffito bean.

Until they succeed, decaf drinkers will have to rely on the traditional decaf methods such as Swiss Water Processed and Chemically Processed. Shop our line of Gourmet Decaf Coffee Beans that includes Costa Rica Decaf , Decaf Kona and Peru Swiss Water Decaf Coffee.

“Decaffito – Naturally Decaf Coffee”
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