Enjoy Kona Decaf Coffee


Are you a decaf coffee drinker looking for something a little different?

Our Kona Decaf Coffee is made from a brilliant blend of world famous Kona coffee beans plus top quality gourmet Central and South American beans.

Affordable Kona Coffee Beans

Many of our customers love the flavors and aromas of Kona coffee beans but have troubles swallowing the price tag attached to this leading brand of coffee. Because Kona coffee farms are limited in how many beans they can produce in a year (their coffee beans are hand picked!) there is always a price premium paid for the small supply available to the world market.

By taking these Kona beans and blending them with complimentary coffee beans that are more affordable That’s Coffee makes Kona available to everyone, even if you choose decaf and are trying to stay within your budget.

Decaf Kona Blend Coffee Beans

Some people may be skeptical of blending coffees, believing that gourmet coffees are only “origin” or 100% pure coffee beans from one particular region. While this is true, it is also true that blending some of these origin coffees together brings out the best attributes of each one, often minimizing the less desirable attributes of each coffee variety.

That is the case with our blended Kona coffee beans – by merging 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America we create a cup of coffee that is unbelievably smooth and features a robust flavor, nutty aftertaste, subtle bit and an intense aroma.

If you love gourmet Kona coffee and are looking for a decaf coffee that is just as satisfying as its non-decaf counterpart then we invite you to try our Decaf Kona Blend!


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We roast and ship your 100% Arabica coffee beans the same day to ensure the freshest flavors!

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