Make Your Own Flavored Coffee Beans

Do you enjoy some extra flavoring in your coffee such as hazelnut or cinnamon but don’t always have flavored coffee beans on hand? People online are talking about some of their own techniques for creating flavored coffee at home:

  • Take the flavoring that you have on hand at home (think chopped cinnamon sticks, toasted coconut flakes, almonds or hazelnuts) and mix with your coffee beans using a 1:2 “flavor to coffee” ratio. For stronger flavors, store the two together for a few days. When ready, grind the coffee beans and flavors and brew a pot of coffee like normal.
  • Pour a cup of fresh brewed coffee and add a licorice or cinnamon herbal tea bag to the cup; let steep for several minutes.
  • Add ground cinnamon or cocoa to coffee grounds before making a pot of coffee.
  • Keep flavored syrups on hand (such as vanilla, hazelnut or caramel) and add a teaspoon to your cup of coffee rather than using sugar.

Happy flavoring!


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