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How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

While we all love our coffee, there is always a point where too much of a good thing is not good.  Coffee when consumed in moderation has loads of health benefits.  However, you need to ensure you don’t overdo it by keeping your consumption of coffee in moderation.  As with anything, it is easy to have too much of a good thing.  When this happens, it is not easy to undo what has been done.  You will have to wait out the jitters or upset stomach until your body flushes it out.  

Coffee contains caffeine, which has some very positive benefits to it.  However, the FDA recommends that people only consume 400 mg a day is a safe number.  However, what is equivalent to this number goes by how big your cup is.  If your cup is 8 oz in size, then you can drink about 4 cups.  We are to drink 8 8 oz glasses of water a day as well to stay healthy.  Most of us can get our recommended daily coffee intake without any issue.  However, some even have the problem of going over the recommended daily amount.  

While drinking too much coffee can make us jittery and upset our stomachs, there are other issues that can be caused over longer periods of time.  Too much coffee can increase your blood pressure, make you shaky, cause abnormal heart rate and if continued could be a precursor for heart disease.  Cardiovascular disease is a real thing and its deadly.  They have discovered that if one should drink over 6 cups a day, they had a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.  In fact, they were 22% more at risk than those that stayed under the 6 cups of premium coffee a day.  

Organic Coffee is healthy.

Organic coffee is more healthy than other forms of coffee, as with produce it is the healthier version.  It is a cleaner bean as it is made with no chemicals or fertilizers to ensure that it is clear of chemicals that are used on other coffee plants.  These chemicals can get into your food or in this case your coffee bean and make it taste differently as well as not be as healthy.  Some people prefer to eat and drink everything organic.  Which is why you will find organic coffee beans as options on the market.  These typically call for a more premium price, however.  However, just because it is organic, doesn’t mean that you can drink more of it.

Drinking too much coffee is bad on your circulatory system.  Over time it will cause damage that cannot be repaired.  However, it is also known that coffee drinkers have 11% less of a chance of having heart disease. So, some coffee is better than none at all.  The antioxidants found in coffee are huge.  Most Americans don’t eat as healthy as they should.  This isn’t a secret.  However, they do love their coffee and this is where they get the most antioxidants.  There is an antioxidant found in coffee called chlorogenic acid, which is believed to help with the cardiovascular system.  

Finding that perfect cup.

Billions of people around the world enjoy coffee every day. It has become more than a beverage but a way of life.  Most people have their favorite brews and blends and for the majority, they make their own coffee at home using a drip coffee maker or single-serving coffee maker.  These single-serving coffee makers have made it easier for those that live alone or with a non-drinking coffee person.  They allow us to have a single brew from the special blend that each person loves.  Everyone has their own taste in coffee and not everybody likes the same one. That’s why you’ll find so many flavors from around the world.  These flavors start with the coffee beans, where the coffee beans are grown and how they are grown is what gives the bean its rich flavor.

Drink coffee in moderation.

If you are trying to decide if organic coffee is good for you, the simple answer, yes in moderation.  However, coffee in large consumption is not good for you and can cause various medical conditions.  In moderation, it can prevent many medical conditions as it carries a lot of antioxidants that are good for you.  

As with everything, drinking in moderation is key.  This is the same for many things in life.  Moderation is key, but not something the human race is great at. If you find that you are drinking too much coffee, try to mix in some decaf, to limit the amount of caffeine in your system.  This will help with some of those side effects as it is the caffeine that causes many of the issues. 

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