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Why Freshly Roasted Coffee Is The Perfect Gift


Everyone has that one friend or family member that has everything.  However, nobody can ever have too much coffee.  Giving coffee as a gift is a wonderful idea.  In fact, it is a way to show them some of your favorite flavors and enjoy it together on their special day.  Finding the perfect coffee flavor for someone else takes a little investigative work.  If you know that you want to get your best friend a freshly roasted coffee gift, take time to note what type of coffee they are currently drinking.  For example, there are dark and light roasts and everyone has a preference if they love their coffee.  However, if your friend is on the dark side of things and purchases their coffee from a grocery store, well, this is the time to save them.

Our coffee bean gifts sets are perfect for just about any occasion.  However, the smell will most likely give away the gift before its opened.  So, keep that in mind if you plan to put the gift under the tree.  Also, coffee beans should be stored away from pets, as it can make them really sick.  If you get a flavor that appeals to their sense of smell, you could be in trouble.  Be sure that you keep that in mind when you are putting your gift out on display or under the tree.  Freshly roasted coffee has an amazing smell that will fill the room when brewed but it also has a smell in the bean form, before it is even ground.

Coffee bean gift ideas.

When getting your friends and family coffee bean gifts, be sure that they have a grinder.  Or get them a coffee grinder to go along with it.  Grinding the coffee just before you brew is the best way to get the best flavor.  Some coffee makers come with standard grinders in them too.  A bag of coffee beans, a grinder, and a mug is the perfect gift basket as well.  If you need a little more something, get a couple of sample bags to go along with it.  A coffee gift basket is always appreciated and everyone loves them.  This is the perfect gift for those that are hard to buy for or even those that aren’t.  

A coffee bean gift set is perfect for just about any age.  These days even teenagers are enjoying cups of coffee, so why not get them started on the right foot with freshly roasted beans and not the stuff that has been sitting on the shelves for too long.  Most of the online coffee bean stores are dedicated individuals to their trade.  They do this out of love and offer up the freshest coffee you can get on the market.  Freshly roasted beans can make a world of difference and you are not going to get that at a grocery store.  Fresh beans only come from an online coffee shop or a bean roasting retail shop, which most don’t have due to overhead and costs. 

Easy gifts for just about anybody.

Give your friend or family member a gift they can actually enjoy and use.  This isn’t something that will fill their home with unneeded clutter.  It is something that they will enjoy and ask where they can even get more.  Be sure that you share with them your favorite online coffee shops so they too can have that rich bold flavor that only comes from the small roasting shops that you find online.   Tell them how wonderful it is to have them shipped right to your door and all the flavors that you have tried.  This gift could literally turn into a bonding experience.  Coffee isn’t just a beverage, it is a way of life. 

We all love coffee, it is pretty obvious with how many coffee houses there are today.  Some of these chain restaurants have their own method of roasting or the non-chain coffee houses purchase coffee from non-roasters as well.  Coffee houses are a wonderful place for gatherings and even go to work.  Many have a unique selection of brews that are available to try and even purchase. This too is a great place to find that perfect coffee gift and also have a minute to enjoy catching up with friends or family.

Coffee beans gifts work for so many occasions.

A good coffee bean gift basket works for so many occasions as well.  Wedding showers, graduation parties, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thank you gift, Boss gift, an employee appreciation gift, whoever you are looking for a gift for, it just seems to work.  It is also very gender-neutral, making it a great gift for those Christmas gift games that need something gender-neutral.  You literally cannot go wrong with a gift of coffee beans, unless the person doesn’t drink coffee.  So, before you get this amazing gift for someone, be sure that you have actually seen them drink it.  We know, shocker that someone wouldn’t enjoy a delicious cup, but they are out there.  Enjoy your gift-giving!

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