El Salvador Coffee Plantations for Tourists

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In the media recently we have been hearing about how El Salvador is having a tough time keeping its coffee industry profitable. The costs of coffee production keep increasing in El Salvador despite coffee prices declining – meaning it costs more to grow the coffee beans but the farmers can’t increase their prices to compensate.

El Salvador coffee farmers are struggling to turn a profit in light of the increased cost of coffee production and decreased coffee prices. To make matters worse the 2011 – 2012 coffee crop was affected by a strong winter storm. The result was a loss between 7 and 10% of the coffee crop for some plantations.

Now, trying to turn a profit, some El Salvador coffee farmers are becoming creative in developing new revenue sources – and we think as tourists everyone benefits!

At some coffee plantations in El Salvador you will find restaurants, hotels, small petting zoos and guided coffee tours. One coffee plantation called ‘Entre Nubes Vivero Café‘ is gearing up to host weddings and become a hostel for international travelers.

If you aren’t planning a trip down to El Salvador in the near future to help support these struggling coffee plantations why not order some gourmet El Salvador coffee beans? Our Cuzcachapa Organic Coffee Beans are grown by the Cooperative Cuzcachapa in El Salvador. Featuring a medium roast these beans are only available in a limited quantity and are in high demand because of their reputation of being the Best Coffee in El Salvador!

Read more about Salvadoran Coffee Farmers.

El Salvador Coffee Beans
El Salvador Coffee Beans

By Carissa Krause


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