Give an Online Coffee Gift Certificate

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Did you know that you can send a gift certificate for That’s Coffee to your friends and family?

Perhaps you don’t know exactly what kinds of coffee brands the recipient likes or perhaps they are spontaneous and always up for trying new things. The gift certificate lets them choose what types of coffee to order on their own! Or they can choose to place a few orders throughout the year to keep their cupboards stocked with fresh coffee.

The steps to purchasing a gift certificate to send to a friend are simple:

  1. Add the Gift Certificate to your shopping cart like any other item in our online coffee store; upon checkout the funds will be added to your account
  2. Provide us with the information about the recipient so that we can send the gift certificate
  3. We let the lucky recipient know they have been given a That’s Coffee certificate and a redemption code to use on their purchase.

Certificates are available in $25, $50, $75, $100 and $200 denominations.

Should any problems occur our friendly support staff is available to help. Happy gourmet coffee gift giving!That's Coffee Gourmet Coffee Gift Certificate


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