instant coffee vs premium coffee beans

Instant Coffee Vs. Premium Coffee Beans

While many coffee connoisseurs will argue that instant coffee is not coffee, it in fact really is.  Instant coffee is derived from the coffee bean, just like that used in the brewing machines.  The difference is how the coffee bean is processed before it gets to the shelf.  Typically instant coffee is made from low-quality Robusta variety which is roasted and ground into a very fine powder. Once the beans are finely ground they go through a drying process that dehydrates the ground up material.  This process is usually done by spray the ground up content into a very hot environment or a freezing process.  This will then make the grounds crystallized, which will remove any water and leave only the coffee for flavoring.  

While this is quite a long process to get the final instant coffee product, it is something that some enjoy when there isn’t a brewing option available.  However, if you think some of the flavors were lost in such a long process you would be correct.  When the coffee goes through the drying process, it loses some of the oils, which means that it loses some of its flavorings as well.  While going through the process, the coffee loses some of its caffeine content as well. This is a part of the coffee’s natural flavors.  However, the Robusta bean is high in caffeine, which is one of the reasons that it is used.

Coffee – Instant or Brewed

Instant coffee loses some of its antioxidants as well.  The more something is processed the more unnatural it becomes.  This only makes logical sense.  While the coffee bean for brewing goes through far less processing.  This means that it will retain a lot of its natural antioxidants.  

Instant coffee however is great for baking.  Should you have a recipe that is asking for coffee to be added you will want to reach for an instant style.  Instant coffee is made to have a longer life cycle and can be stored for longer periods of time.  This makes it a great option for those that don’t drink coffee themselves but would like to offer it to guests from time to time.  It is not considered high-quality coffee, so it is best used in ice or flavored coffees. 

While you might want to choose between dark and light roast, instant coffees will all have that familiar instant coffee taste that many can attest to.  There isn’t a level of dark and light roast.  While the grounds of instant coffee are pretty much all the same flavor due to the process that they go through.  However, many opt for keeping instant coffee on hand, as it does have a long shelf life, in case they suddenly run out of regular coffee.   Instant coffee is also great for camping and hiking or places that you won’t have access to electricity.  

Brewed is all about the flavor.

Regular coffee grounds have a better acidy, which will give you a better flavor.   You can do more with regular coffee grounds and they aren’t overly processed.  This allows for more flavor to come through as well as different flavors.  It is similar to dark and milk chocolate, there are many different ranges and so many flavor possibilities and combinations. 

While the flavor is different from instant coffee to that of brewed coffee because of all the processing, it is still coffee.  Instant coffee is coffee that essentially has already been brewed and the water that it was brewed with will also leave behind a flavor.  Your brewed coffees will also taste different when brewed with other waters, so keep that in mind and experiment.  Maybe try some different bottled water, especially if your water is hard or city water.  

Instant coffee is well, just that, it is instant.  You simply grab a cup of hot water and mix it in.  However, brewed coffee does take a few minutes to brew and prepare.  There are many different coffee pots out there to choose from and the type of coffee pot can also make a slight difference.  Brewed coffee has a wonderful rich flavor to it and fills the room with an amazing scent.  That smell is very calming to some and to some it helps wake them up.  It does take a bit more effort to brew coffee, however, the efforts are certainly rewarded. 

Go ahead and take a try of both instant coffee and brewed coffee and see for yourself the difference.  We are certain you will be able to tell for yourself.

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