Whole Bean Decaf Coffee

If one were to conduct a survey to find out the preferred choice of coffee for selective coffee drinkers around the world, then surely most of them would prefer a piping hot cup made from Whole Bean Decaf Coffee. As people around the world are becoming more health conscious, caffeine content found in different varieties of coffee is something that people are looking at seriously. With caffeine posing certain health risks, decaf or decaffeination seems to be a buzzword among coffee drinkers. If you are a health conscious coffee drinker then whole bean decaf coffee is the right beverage for you.  As per regulations, 97 percent of the caffeine content needs to be removed from any coffee variety in order for it to be labeled as decaffeinated.

There are basically three ways in which coffee beans can be decaffeinated.

  1. Using organic solvents: The first method involves removing caffeine from the whole coffee beans with the help of organic extraction solvents such as ethyl acetate and dichloride methane (DCM). This process involves ‘washing ‘the coffee beans in the organic extraction solvents and then drying the beans before the roasting process. One of the reasons for the popularity of this method is that it is known to provide decaf coffee that contains more flavor when compared with the other decaffeination processes.
  2. Using carbondioxide: Another method of removing the caffeine content from whole coffee beans involves steeping them in carbon dioxide. The coffee beans are then allowed to dry to remove any remaining toxic carbon dioxide from the beans.
  3. Using ultra-pure water: Ultra pure water is used as part of another method to remove caffeine from whole coffee beans. This method involves removing the dust from the coffee, as it passes through a set of cleaners. The beans are then moisturized using ultra-pure water. The coffee beans then come into contact with carbondioxide in an extraction vessel then dried to remove any carbondioxide content in them.  Since only water is used in this method, it is one of the most preferred choices of coffee drinkers. Particularly for those that are organic conscious.

The basic aim of any of these methods is to produce a coffee blend that retains its flavor and aroma despite the various processes that the whole coffee beans are put through. These days, with rapid advancements in technology and with coffee drinkers becoming more and more health conscious, producers are using better quality gourmet coffee beans to make whole beans decaf coffee. Producers are responding to consumer concerns and are making a conscious effort to address the issue. You can also think of grinding fresh selected whole coffee beans on your own. It is therefore important to carefully look at the quality of the coffee beans whenever you are searching for a good whole bean decaf coffee.  The Arabica variety which grows at higher altitudes is generally the preferred choice since it offers a more complex flavor even after all the process to remove the caffeine content.

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