Proudly Introducing Our New Coffee House Blend!

Take the top Central and South American coffee beans, add the perfect amount of Espresso coffee beans, and roast them all together to light to medium level. What do you get?

Our customers speak of unparalleled fragrance and a flavor with subtle undertones of sweet caramel and chocolate and a smooth balanced finish. For a light to medium roast, this coffee is surprisingly mild without the normal acidity that is consistent with a light roast.  Easy to enjoy morning, noon and night – it is definitely worth trying!

A Mild Coffee House Blend 

We won’t fool you, the reviews have been consistent on the fact that this gourmet coffee is surprisingly mellow. For those of you looking for a more robust bite, we suggest a fine grind to start off your coffee making. This is always a good idea for any coffee you find too mellow for your liking. The added grinding helps to release more aroma and flavor into your cup.

Adjust to your taste and savour the flavor

Once you find the perfect grind and the perfect measurement sit back and enjoy! The invigorating aroma will draw friends and family round the pot, and the rich caramel-chocolate coffee will entice them back for more, saying…Now that’s coffee! Try a bag of our Coffee House Blend today – you won’t be disappointed!




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