What is Bird Friendly Coffee?

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Bird friendly coffee beans

Thanks to environmental advocate groups promoting Fair Trade and Organic coffees as well as the internet’s accelerated dispersion of information, many customers are looking for “Bird Friendly Coffee”.

But what exactly does this mean?

Bird Friendly, Shade Grown Coffee

Bird friendly coffee refers to coffee beans that are grown in shaded areas where the forest above and surrounding the coffee farm remains untouched, providing a canopy over the coffee plants.

Many parts of Mexico and Central America as well as Columbia, Peru and Venezuela use this farming technique. Shade farming is also practiced in some parts of Indonesia, Africa and India.

Shade grown coffee is bird friendly because it leaves the bird’s natural habitat untouched, allowing for the birds and coffee to live and grow in harmony.

Learn More About Being Bird Friendly

The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center works hard to promote bird friendly coffee grown under mixed native trees and protect the natural habitat of migratory birds. Read more about their efforts to support Bird Friendly coffee and create sanctuary forest-like environments where local farmers can still produce gourmet coffee beans; visit their Bird Friendly Coffee page.

Choose Bird Friendly Coffee

That’s Coffee offers several bird friendly, shade grown coffee beans including Panama Boquete, Guatemala Antigua and Beneficio Organic Fair Trade coffee beans.


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