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Map of Tanzania, AfricaThe East African country of Tanzania is just three degrees south of the Equator. Situated right along the world’s coffee belt, this country has become famous for a very particular type of coffee bean – the Peaberry.

The country is surrounded by Zambia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya as well as situated along the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

As such, Tanzania produces high altitude coffee beans that are very dense. The beans are often compared to Kenya coffee beans yet some say the flavors are not as refined in taste.

Despite these similarities, the Tanzania Peaberry coffee bean is unique in one major attribute.

What makes the Peaberry Coffee Bean Different?

A typical coffee bean grows in pairs within the coffee cherry. The two halves grow and press against each other creating the signature “flat” sided coffee bean.

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee BeansPeaberry coffee beans differ because only one of the two beans within the cherry is fertilized. As the single bean matures on its own there is nothing to press up against, resulting in a small, rounded coffee bean.

The single Peaberry bean is able to take up all the space within the coffee cherry and also receives all of the nutrients from the plant which is normally shared between the pair.

The Peaberry coffee bean is quite rare and makes up about 5 – 10% of all coffee beans harvested. As such, it is highly sought after by coffee lovers.

Separating Peaberry Coffee Beans

You may be wondering how coffee farmers know which coffee cherries have just a single bean and which coffee cherries have a pair of beans.

Once the crop is harvested the beans are sorted. Tanzanian coffee farmers use screens as a way of filtering out the Peaberry beans. Since the Peaberry bean is about half the size of regular beans, a screen allows the small beans to drop below while separating out the larger regular beans.

Sometimes coffee farmers will use several screens with different size holes to filter out multiple grades of Peaberry beans.

Roasting Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Once sorted and graded, it is time to roast the green Peaberry coffee beans.

Many roasters will say that Tanzania Peaberry beans roast more evenly because there is no flat side. Their round shape moves more freely over the roasting chamber.

Furthermore, because of their high altitude growing conditions, the Peaberry is denser which makes for better heat transfer.

Most Tanzania coffees are light to medium roast in order to maintain the original flavors and qualities in the bean.

Flavors of Tanzanian Peaberry

Many coffee lovers find the flavors of Peaberry beans to be very concentrated as all the flavor from the coffee cherry goes into a single bean and not two beans.

Peaberry Coffee Beans are:

  • Dense and Uniform
  • Consistent in flavor
  • Lighter in acidity levels
  • Aromatic

Order Premium Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Beans Today

Gourmet Tanzania Peaberry Coffee is available to order online. Taste the pea-shaped beans that have a unique grade and deliver exceptional flavors and aromas. Consider these beans a rare commodity that you can have shipped to your house in a matter of days!

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