Yemen Arabian ‘Mocha Java’ Coffee Beans

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The country of Yemen is located in Asia and lies just south of Saudi Arabia. The country is surrounding on the west by the Red Sea and from the south by the Gulf of Aden.Map of Yemen

Because of the country’s close proximity to Africa, and in particular Ethiopia and Somalia, the coffee grown in Yemen is often classified as a North African coffee.

Don’t be fooled – Yemen Mocha Java coffee has its very own flavors. It is earthy and complex and delivers on a true ‘wild tasting’ cup of coffee. There are over 330,000 coffee farms in Yemen and over 1.5 million workers rely on these farms for their livelihood.

Why is it Called Mocha?

hot chocolat and whipped creamMany North American associate the term ‘mocha’ with coffee or chocolate. However, originally mocha had nothing to do with chocolate.

The early coffee traders classified Yemen coffee as “Mokha” after the port city Al-Mokha where most Yemen coffee was shipped from. It was easier to refer to all Yemen coffee as “Mokha” rather than classifying coffee beans for specific Yemeni areas, even though flavors varied greatly from farm to farm.

In today’s world, we refer to this coffee as Mohka, Mocha, Moca or Mocca and the name is often extended to coffees from regions other than Yemen as well.

Traditional Growing and Processing Practices

Not a lot has changed in the past 500 years of coffee production in Yemen.Yemen Coffee Terraces

Today, coffee bean plantations are still located on terraced semiarid mountain ridges. Summer is the wet and moist season in Yemen during which rains water the coffee plants and cause them to turn bright green before the coffee is harvested in October. Helping the coffee plant survive the dry winter months is crucial and farmers often have to use collected rainwater to moisten the roots until rain returns the next summer.

Just like production, the processing methods have not changed much in Yemen. The famous flavors of Yemen Mocha coffees are achieved by the dry process where the whole coffee fruit is dried before the seed is removed.

Naturally Organic Yemen Coffee Beans

There is no established regulatory coffee agency in Yemen and no method to grading coffee beans being produced in the country. Furthermore, Yemen Mocha Java beans are not organic certified.

However, keep in mind that the growing and processing methods have not changed for over five centuries in Yemen. This means that through traditional default, Yemen coffee beans are unofficially organic.

Yemen coffee is grown at high altitudes and there is a very limited supply of inputs to be shared among Yemen coffee farmers. This means that no chemicals are used during production and coffee lovers purchasing Yemen coffee have a justified reason to believe it is naturally organic.

Buy Mocha Java Coffee Beans Online

Yemen coffee is of the Arabica coffee type. Because of its growth on high altitude farms, Yemen coffee beans are often roasted longer than other Arabica beans.

If you are looking for official Mocha Java coffee beans consider purchasing Yemen coffee. Gourmet Yemen Arabian Mocca Coffee beans produce a full-bodied cup of medium roasted coffee that you are sure to enjoy.

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