African Coffee Beans

For centuries people have been enjoying the fine flavors of African coffee beans. There are several Arabica coffee beans grown in Africa to become acquainted with if you are new to the coffee world.

Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Considered the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is still a leader in gourmet coffee production, famous for its Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee bean. Grown at over 4,000 feet it is highly sought after. The Mocca Java is a second popular coffee bean from Ethiopia, Africa that is also mountain grown at high elevations but blended with Arabica coffee beans from Indonesia to create a unique bittersweet chocolate flavor.

Kenya Coffee Beans

Coffee beans from Kenya are grown at even higher elevations – over 5,000 feet – and are highly recognized for their consistency in quality. Kenyan coffee Beans graded as “AA” are some of the fruitiest in flavor that Africa has to offer, often singled out for their wine-like flavors and full body taste.

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Beans

One of the great mysteries of Africa’s coffee production are its Peaberry Coffee Bean. Peaberry coffee beans are a single oval bean rather than a double bean. While peaberry coffee grows in many regions, Tanzania is historically connected to Peaberry and you will most commonly see Tanzanian coffee sold as single source peaberry coffee. Many times coffee roasters will only offer the Peaberry version of Tanzania coffee. If this article has sparked your interest in learning about African coffee please visit our African Coffee Beans page to learn more.

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