America’s New Coffee Bars

A new trend has hit American coffee bars featuring a bar design where coffee drinkers order their coffee stand at the bar, unplug chat and go. Many coffee shops in recent years have become like offices and in some cases this has resulted in the ban on laptops like NYC’s Cafe Grumpy Chelsea location. The idea of coffee bars challenge Americas idea of a coffee shop being almost a home away from home or another office location. The idea springs from how Italians often drink coffee with folks dropping into neighborhood coffee shops for a quick espresso drink a chat with locals and the barista and then returning to their regular activities like a quick pit stop. You will even find these type of bars in many gas stations along major highways in Italy. Owners of the new coffee bars have enlisted the help of designers for great bars and modern design, while there are mixed feelings about the idea, why not try out one of Americas new coffee bars next time you want an espresso or cup of gourmet coffee, unplug chat to those around you and enjoy the drink in your hand. Source: New York Times Article

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