The Top 10 Coffee Songs of All Time to Sip By

We all have our favorite coffee beans, coffee shops, coffee mugs and even coffee tables and coffee books, but what about our favorite coffee songs?

I searched everywhere for the most popular songs about coffee and one name kept surfacing, Bob Marley, with his One Cup of Coffee. Although it wasn’t always ranked as the top coffee song, it was always on the lists of Top 10 songs about coffee.

The next song that surfaced frequently was The Coffee Song, released in 1946 by Frank Sinatra and brought back to popularity by the Muppets!

So What Are the 10 Best Coffee Songs?

While my search didn’t give me a definitive answer these 10 are the coffee songs that were mentioned on every list I viewed. I wonder if a person could get a grant to do a real statistical study?

  1. The Coffee Song: According to all searches, everywhere I went, this is the top requested coffee song worldwide. But, for the amount of times it showed up, I’d rank One Cup of Coffee  by Bob Marley as tied.
  2. Black Coffee, written in 1948, was made popular first by Ella Fitzgerald in the 60’s and recorded by Peggy Lee, Sarah Vaughan, Ray Charles, Sinead O’Connor and countless other international singers.
  3. Cantata No. 211, “Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht,” (Coffee Cantata), BWV 211 (BC G48), written by none other than Johann Sebastian Bach, the Coffee Cantata has been recorded by pianists, orchestras and musicians for literally centuries!
  4. You’re the Cream in My Coffee this became a 1928 standard sung by Annette Hanshaw which has never lost its appeal and was brought back in the 50’s by Nat King Cole. Wonder who’s going to record it next!
  5. Coffee Blues, by Mississippi John Hurt was recorded in the early 1900’s and rumoured to be the inspiration for band “The Lovin’ Spoonfuls” name choice.
  6. Black Coffee, Humble Pie Not to be confused with Ella’s Jazzy classic, Humble Pie brings the Blues to coffee like no other.
  7. Caffe per due totally instrumental with the coffee shop ambience of chatter and spoon against mug to set the scene, this is one that the world seems to fancy.
  8. One More Cup of Coffee, Eric Burdon, Bob Dylan and even Robert Plant have recorded this classic
  9. Cigarettes & Coffee, Otis Redding, makes the top ten even with the anti-cigarettes society we live in, perhaps it’s the mix of great music with catchy lyrics and that velvet voice. Thing is he still is getting requested and sought after on YouTube!
  10. “Java Jive” by the Ink Spots It doesn’t get more Coffee than this 1940’s hit. I love coffee, I love tea…still doing well with coffee loving, music loving listeners everywhere.

Pair the Best Coffee with the Best Coffee Songs

Having spent the better part of the morning looking for the songs, I’m now ready to treat myself to some java. Personally, if you are going to listen to the most popular coffee tunes, you should treat yourself to the best in coffee. Of course, coffee preference is always a personal choice. Why not check out our Bestsellers Sampler Pack to get your coffee-music break swinging. 


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