American Crowned World’s Best Barista

America has a new champion barista: Michael Phillips of Intelligentsia coffee in Chicago. He just won the 11th Annual World Barista Championships in London. Phillips reports enjoying his Gourmet Coffee job and gaining his love of hot coffee and espresso drinks during his time studying in the chilly North. He made his coffee drinks, espresso and cappuccino in front of the international judges to music including ABBA. He Adore’s gourmet coffee beans and wants to be a roaster. Phillips was the ‘creme’ of the crop beating out representatives from 52 other countries. His famous gourmet coffee drinks that gained him the title don’t even have a name! After this, Phillips says he will continue to work in Intelligentsia and travel as a coffee ambassador. This win has definitely put America on the map as a top gourmet coffee nation. sources:
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