Tips for Using Old Gourmet Coffee Grounds

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Ever wondered what you can do with left over gouremt coffee or coffee grounds? Well here are some great tips:

  • Rub Coffee beans in your hands after cooking with garlic and fish – the natural coffee oils will absorb the odors from the cooking
  • Pour a little boiling water and gourmet coffee grounds down the drain to remove bad odor.
  • Gourmet coffee grounds make a great abrasive cleaning agent, but don’t use on surfaces that could stain
  • Mix coffee grounds with soil and put around plants, it is said to keep away slugs and ants while also adding nutrients

  • Suck a coffee bean for a quick way to freshen your breath when your out of gum
  • Gourmet coffee grounds also make a great natural exfoliant for skin
  • Coffee grounds mixed with water is a great way to dye paper for a antique paper


  • Coffee also makes a great meat tenderizer and adds a rich flavor to the meat

How do you use your Gourmet Coffee grounds?


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