Turkish Coffee

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Turkish coffee is different than your traditional cup of coffee because it is made by boiling the very finely ground coffee beans in sweetened water. Spicy hints of Cardamon are often the trademark of this ethnic drink. The drink is also known to be thick, intense and slightly chewy – similar to a cup of coffee prepared in a French Press.

How to Make Turkish Coffee

A traditional Ibrik
A traditional Ibrik

To make Turkish coffee you will need a traditional ibrik. The narrow neck on the small saucepan type pot is said to be the secret to making good Turkish coffee. If you don’t have an ibrik, a small saucepan will also do the trick.

Boil water and sugar (if you prefer sweetened coffee) in the ibrik.

Once the water boils, add very finely ground coffee beans (enough to make the drink strong enough for your preferences).

Allow the coffee to boil. As it boils, the grounds will foam up at the top. Stir and allow the mixture to foam again. This process can be rather slow – it is recommended to let it steep for about 7 minutes.

Once finished, remove from the heat and let the grounds settle to the bottom. Pour into the serving cup – an espresso sized glass or a demitasse. Do not stir.

Turkish Coffee Tips:

  • Like all other coffee methods, use cold water
  • Pour the coffee into the traditional demitasse cup and do NOT stir; the foam will collapse if you do stir
  • If you grind your own coffee beans, aim for a very fine ground. If you buy your coffee beans pre-ground or have them ground at a coffee house ask for them to be ground slightly finer than an Espresso grind.
  • Many recommend using coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia or Yemen (consider using our Yemen Arabian Mocca coffee beans)
  • For optimal taste and flavor always enjoy in good company!

A traditional cup of Turkish Coffee
A traditional cup of Turkish Coffee

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