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New Single-Serve Coffee Maker on the Market

Sales of single-serve coffee makers such as the Nespresso have doubled in the past three years and is the fastest growing segment of the home coffee market. These types of machines brew a single cup of coffee with just a push of a button – often relying on coffee pods or capsules. I have tried […]

Would you spend $85 on a Coffee Stained T-Shirt?

Starbucks is launching its new line of designer t-shirts this week which will become available through their store website as well as some Nordstrom locations. The collection is made up of three unique designs from three up and coming fashion designers. One of the designers, Alexander Wang, decided to incorporate a coffee stain down the […]

Brazil Coffee Production 2012 Hurt by Drought?

As the leading coffee producer and exporter in the world, Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry is beginning to question the 2012 harvest of coffee beans in some of its coffee regions. A cold winter in the Southern Hemisphere is believed to have lasting effects on the crop. Brazilian winters are typically very dry which makes it a […]

A Fresh Insight on Caffeine Habits

Fast Company often has intriguing articles on a variety of business topics ranging from technology to leadership. A recent article titled How to Break Your Daily Caffeine Habit and Use Coffee Strategically caught my attention. The article was entertaining and I walked away knowing a little more about caffeine. I encourage you to head over […]

Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer with Caffeine

A recent study performed by the University of Toronto reports that caffeinated beverages can help lower your chances to developing UV-related skin cancer. The findings are reported by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and state: “Multiple human epidemiologic studies link caffeinated (but not decaffeinated) beverage intake with significant decreases in several types […]