Monsooned India Coffee Beans

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India is traditionally known for its spicy black chai teas. But you may be surprised to learn that India is also known for some top grade Arabic coffee beans that undergo a special process using humid monsoon air.

The best of India’s coffee beans feature low acidity levels, and are mild and sweet. When looking for a new geographical region to try, why not consider Monsooned India coffee beans?

India’s Coffee Geography

Coffee beans in India are generally grown in Southern Indian states such as Karanataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. These southern coffees are wet-processed and feature smooth, sweet and medium body.

Differences in Indian Coffee Beans

There is a large difference in coffee beans in India. The best Indian coffee beans have low acidity, are mild and sweet and often feature hints of peanuts. When used in blends, these coffee beans find a good balance in profile between sour and bitterness.

When lower grade Indian beans are brewed, some may say they are tasteless or uninspiring. When shopping for Indian coffee beans, it is important to look for high grade and high quality coffee beans.

The Monsooning Process

Indian coffee beans offer a unique processing technique: Monsooning.

This process is a method of curing the coffee beans that takes place in factories along the west coast of India. Top grade A quality Arabica Cherry and Robusta Cherry coffee beans are used in the process of monsooning.

The Monsooning process can only occur between June and September which is the monsoon season on the Indian west coast. The specially selected coffee beans are packed into bags and stacked in piles while leaving enough room for the moist and humid monsoon air to pass through.

With the moisture and humidity of the monsoon air, the coffee beans swell to nearly double their size in 12 to 16 weeks. Once Monsooning is complete, the coffee beans are handpicked and graded according to sizing standards.

Buying Quality Indian Coffee Beans

Perhaps you wish to try something new in your daily cup of coffee. Indian coffee beans are truly unique and may soon become your new favorite! We recommend India Monsooned Voyage which has a sweet, mildly fermented fruity flavor. You will find a suave, full-bodied desirable cup of joe!

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