Naturally Organic Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Known as the origin of coffee, Ethiopia is one of the finest producers of coffee beans. Ethiopian coffee beans are highly sought after because of their sweet and fragrant flavors and their smooth body.

A Short History Lesson in Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia is actually the birthplace of coffee. Legends tell a story of an Ethiopian shepherd noticing his goats becoming frisky after eating a particular red berry. The news of the energizing powers of this special berry spread quickly.

Originally, the coffee berry started in the province of Kaffa where Arabica coffee beans grew wild. Kaffa may be the root word for coffee!

In the 10th century, coffee was consumed as a food – in its original berry shell. Some speculate that slaves ate the berries as they moved through the forests, spreading the coffee plant further.

The Three Regions of Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Today, Ethiopian coffee beans come from three main regions: Harrar, Ghimbi and Sidamo (a district within Yirgacheffe).

Harrar coffee beans come from the eastern highlands of Ethiopia. Harrar beans feature good body and acidity levels, while displaying fruity and blueberry undertones for a fresh taste. The Harrar bean is dry-processed and also features a mocha flavor along with its winy flavor.

Ghimbi coffee beans, on the other hand, are grown in the western regions of Ethiopia and as a result, have a more balanced, heavier taste with a longer lasting body than Eastern grown Harrar beans.

Sidamo coffee beans are small and grayish but have a very deep spice and wine flavor combination, and chocolate and floral aromas. Distinctively, Sidamo coffee beans are brightly acidic, with lemon and citrus undertones.

Naturally Organic Ethiopian Coffee

With over 300,000 peasant coffee farms, Ethiopia’s coffee production employs about 12 million coffee workers. Most coffee farmers do not use fertilizers as they are limited by both their isolation and their poverty. As a result, they use natural fertilizers such as coffee pulp. Ethiopian coffee farmers inadvertently use an organic farming method though they may not be certified organic.

Ethiopian Coffee Today

Ethiopian coffees such as Sidamo and Yirgacheffe are highly sought after by coffee advocates. Within Ethiopia, 20% of the government’s revenue comes from its coffee crop and nearly a quarter of the country’s population depends on coffee for its livelihood.

Try Ethiopian Coffee today!

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