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Seattle: America’s Gourmet Coffee Capital

Seattle, the birth place of Starbucks, is considered to be America’s Gourmet Coffee capital it is well known for high quality coffees. Starbucks is a world wide coffee brand found on almost every street corner in the World’s major cities. Coffee arrived in America in the 1600’s brought by John Smith to Jamestown, it was […]

Ethiopian Gourmet Coffee Ceremony

So to continue our global tour of coffee practices around the World, the next stop is Ethiopia, in fact, believed to the the home of coffee. The coffee ceremony is a centerpiece of Ethiopian culture. First the Gourmet Coffee is roasted over hot coals in a special container used a brazer fresh green beans are […]

Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee

Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the late 19th Century and has been a popular beverage ever since. A French dark roast is used and ground finely, chicory may also be added and is in fact quite similar in taste to Cafe De Monde coffee and South Indian filter coffee. Vietnamese filter […]

Comical Coffee Glossary

Americano: espresso for light weights, aka watered down! Barista: makes coffee Fair Trade: coffee for money come on can’t get fairer than that! Latte: in Italy its milk Red Eye: a must after an overnight flight, brewed coffee with espresso Green Beans: a vegetable Crema: not the artificial stuff you add Clover: for luck actually […]