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Should I Freeze Coffee Beans?

This question has been asked over and over again. The concept behind the question is that the shelf life of most foods can be extended by being frozen.  Many generations have taught us to freeze or refrigerate whole or ground coffee beans just like we do other products such as meats, herbs and vegetables. The […]

Attributes of Light Roast Coffee

Apart of cream and sugar, it is often the most important preference: Light Roast Coffee or Dark Roast Coffee? Generally speaking, coffee drinkers who opt for light roasted coffee like it for its natural, earthy tastes and for the absence of burnt or smoky flavors that are often evident in darker roasted coffees. The amount […]

The Coffee Bean

A recent dinner conversation, stemming from the capers in our pasta sauce, turned to how coffee beans actually grow. What kind of plant do they grow on? What do they look like? How are they harvested? The dinner group didn’t have all the answers to the questions; they agreed that coffee is kind of like […]

Paying More for Coffee? (Part 2)

You have likely heard about the increases in commodity pricing and are probably starting to feel the pinch on your wallet. Unfortunately coffee, and in particular Arabica Coffee, is included in these price increases. After reading through several articles, there are several explanations for the increase in coffee prices the world is facing in 2011. […]

Paying More for Coffee?

You may have noticed that you have been paying more for coffee lately here are some reasons why: 1. Supply Vs Demand- more people are drinking coffee than ever before and less people are wanting to grow it. 2. Climate – like all crops coffee cultivation is affected by the climate and as a plant […]

Homegrown Coffee

We may soon be able to enjoy homegrown American coffee from California. Jay Ruskey from Santa Barbara an organic farmer has successfully grown and harvested coffee and has been selling it in the Santa Barbara farmers market. It took him years to do it along with The University of California, the project was started in […]

To Freeze or not Freeze

That is the question.The experts say yes…and no. Coffee beans are porous, so they absorb flavors and moisture, which can ruin the taste. The best place to store your coffee is in a dry place, like your pantry. Once opened, coffee beans shouldn’t be stored for more than two weeks. What if you can’t resist […]

New Orleans Coffee Festival

Every November New Orleans hosts a coffee festival. It is a celebration of all things coffee complete with food and live music. Last year over 5000 people attended. It takes place at the Feret Market on November 6th from 12 noon – 5pm. Attendees will have the chance to learn about the origin of coffee […]

Introducing Exotic World Roasts

Introducing Exotic World Roasts Our Exotic World Roasts coffee gift basket is an extraordinary assortment of 5 of the world’s most magnificent gourmet coffee beans. Java Dutch Estate is a distinct Indonesian coffee which grows on the island of Java. These hard, dense beans are packed with full on flavor! Costa Rica Reserve is a […]