Best Coffee Beans in 2024

That’s Coffee Wins on All Fronts

The new year is here, and what better way to start it off right than with a great-tasting cup of coffee every morning?

It may be the world’s favorite drink, but that doesn’t mean all coffee is created equal. We’ve made a business out of catering to only the most discerning coffee drinkers, and in true fashion, we decided to create a roundup of the best coffee beans for 2024 and beyond. Consider us biased, but there are some pretty magical beans on this list!

But before we get into our roundup of the best coffee beans in 2024, we’re going to go over the difference a gourmet bean can make, where these beans come from, and how you can get the most out of your brew.

Read on to learn all about it and see the list of our top 20 best-selling coffees and the tastiest beans of 2024!

The Gourmet Difference

Gourmet coffee is more than just a name – really! It’s about the fundamental difference that sets beans apart.

Each of our coffees is made by using only the highest quality 100% Arabica beans. These beans are sourced from some of the most coveted coffee-growing regions in the world. Arabica beans grown in mountainous climates take longer to mature but produce a larger, sweeter, and denser coffee bean with less caffeine than the inferior Robusta Bean (that’s your cheap, store-bought instant coffee). Premium coffees are derived from higher-grade beans, making them more complex and flavorful.

While we love sourcing beans with unique characteristics from all over the world, we also like to dabble in a little bit of flavor creation! We create our premium flavored coffees using only the highest quality, natural ingredients, for a next-level tasting experience. Finally, we only roast our coffee beans in small batches for optimal roast consistency.

Together, these quality control factors bring you a premium cup of coffee that’s gourmet down to the smallest detail. It’s a difference you can taste!

Coffee From Around The World

While most of the world’s coffee is grown along the Coffee Belt (near the equator), different regions and processing traditions can give a coffee bean a distinct flavor. Climate conditions such as altitude and soil can give the coffee a unique taste, but it comes down to the processing tradition to determine how that flavor is manifested in the final cup.

We provide a selection of gourmet coffee beans from around the world to satisfy your personal preference – whatever that may be!

How To Brew Gourmet Coffee

For the adventurous at heart, and for those with a little more time in the morning, there are lots of ways to brew your perfect cup of coffee. We’ll quickly touch on a few of the most popular ways to brew gourmet coffee and the pros and cons of each.

Drip Coffee

This is the classic method you probably grew up using. Weekday mornings were rung in by the soft puttering of the coffee maker and the brew time could be set in advance! While this method is affordable, easy, and requires very little effort, the downside can be a compromise in flavor.


  • Easy to use.
  • Good for multiple cups and servings.
  • Classic flavor profile.


  • A little boring.
  • A slight loss in flavor.
  • Regular cleaning and descaling are more important than people realize.

French Press

The French press method requires a little more technique. While your cup of coffee will be strong and full-bodied, mastering the art of pressing without getting any sediment into your cup can be difficult.


  • Portable.
  • Yields strong coffee with a kick.
  • Compatible with larger batches.


  • Difficult to clean.
  • The flavor profile can be less nuanced compared to paper-filtered coffee.
  • The technique is tricky and you’ll probably end up with sediment in your cup.

Pour Over Coffee

Not only is the classic glass carafe an aesthetic addition to your kitchen décor, but the pour-over method is also great for bringing out the unique flavors in your brew.


  • Excellent flavor.
  • Fantastic clarity and aftertaste.
  • Standard equipment that’s easy to use and clean.


  • Smaller batches make it difficult if you’re making coffee for more than 2-3 people.
  • Not great for those who like to add milk to their coffee.

Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is an old-fashioned method that has withstood the test of time. It can be purchased in many different sizes and works easily on your stovetop. This is the tool to try if you’re curious about making espresso, without shelling out the big bucks on a fancy espresso machine.


  • Produces strong coffee.
  • The brewing method is simple.
  • Available in many different sizes.


  • Lacks the finesse of an espresso machine.
  • Cleaning needs to be done religiously to prevent mould and bacteria.

No matter your brewing method of choice, a good cup starts with good coffee beans. So, without further ado, let’s go over the top 20 beans of 2024 and find you your next cup of coffee!

Best Coffee Beans Of 2024

1. Organic French Roast Coffee Beans

A coffee experience like no other with our bold and beautiful French Roast Coffee Beans. Roasted to perfection, these dark and daring beans are the kings of boldness, boasting an intense, smoky flavor with a rich, deep body. 100% natural and organic, they deliver an intriguing richness with very little acidity. Often referred to as “Heavy” roast or “Spanish” roast, these French roast beans are the go-to choice for coffee lovers craving that bold and satisfying taste. Our Organic French Roast Coffee Beans deliver a full-flavored, no-nonsense coffee experience that can be deeply satisfying for those who enjoy a powerful and robust cup of joe.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Organic French Roast by 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

2. Verdi Espresso Gourmet Coffee Beans

A true journey of taste, our Espresso Verdi Gourmet Coffee Beans are bursting with Italian flair and a smooth, velvety texture. As a popular “Seattle Style” roast, the taste profile is often described as bold and intense, with delightful notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and roasted nuts. Taste the ‘bellissimo’ intensity and bold flavor of our heavily-bodied Espresso Verdi, making it an excellent base for lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based drinks. For an exquisite coffee experience, grind these gourmet beans just before use to let the flavors unfold with each sip.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Cliff Hanger Espresso by Kicking Horse Coffee

3. Gourmet Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans

A bestseller! Straight from the birthplace of gourmet coffee, when brewed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans beans reveal a captivating array of sweet and fragrant notes. The taste profile of Yirgacheffe coffee is often described as vibrant and floral, with hints of citrus, jasmine, and a delightful berry-like acidity. Grown at high elevations, these beans are not only the best in Africa but also one of the world’s finest and most sought-after specialty coffees. The unique combination of high altitude cultivation, rich volcanic soil, and meticulous processing methods contributes to the coffee’s exceptional taste and complexity. Experience the rich flavors and smooth-body of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe by Stone Temple Coffee

4. Gourmet Brazil Cerrado Coffee Beans

For those who appreciate a coffee that’s both smooth and full of character. Experience a smooth and sweet taste with our Brazil Cerrado Coffee Beans, freshly sourced from Brazil’s tropical savanna! These gourmet beans offer a rich and non-bitter coffee experience. Medium-roasted to perfection, they bring a silky texture and a decadent chocolate finish, making them the perfect choice for any coffee lover seeking a taste of Brazilian paradise. This coffee is perfect for late-morning brunches or energizing office meetings throughout the day!

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Dark Brazil Cerrado by Fresh Roasted Coffee

5. Ethiopian Longberry Harrar Coffee Beans

Grown in Harrar, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Longberry Coffee Beans are one of the oldest varietals of gourmet Arabica coffee, dating back over a millennium. With a unique elongated shape and mesmerizing flavor profile of wild berries and wine-like acidity, these beans undergo a special hand-harvesting process before being sun-dried to perfection. The result is a superior Ethiopian Arabica coffee with a heavy body and complex flavors. Roasted to a light to medium perfection just for you, each cup delivers mild yet rich winy flavors and delightful chocolatey undertones.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Ethiopian Longberry Harrar by Lily’s Coffee

6. French Vanilla Coffee Beans

Don’t settle for ordinary coffee. Sourced from the best Arabica gourmet coffee beans, French Vanilla Gourmet Coffee Beans are transformed into a sweet, aromatic, and oh-so-creamy experience. Infused with French Vanilla flavors, this gourmet coffee boasts a rich and deep taste, exhibiting caramelized, custard-like notes with subtle floral hints. The aroma and velvety taste make it an all-time favorite for coffee lovers seeking a special treat in their morning routine or afternoon pick-me-up. Savor the sweet taste and lovely fragrance of this exceptional blend.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: French Vanilla by Cameron’s Smooth Coffee

7. Colombian Supremo Coffee Beans

Discover the bestselling Colombian Supremo La Valle Verde Gourmet Coffee Beans. Sourced from the highest grade of Colombian coffee these beans are expertly wet-processed to meet the Colombian Coffee Federation’s rigorous standards. The medium roast boasts a rich aroma and a flawless balance of full-bodied goodness and just the right acidity. The flavor notes are often described as smooth and delightful and you can expect a harmonious blend of fruity and nutty undertones in each sip, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Organic Colombian Supremo Medium Roast by Grand Parade Coffee

8. Sumatra Mandheling Gourmet Coffee Beans

Get ready to savor the best of Sumatra! Hailing from the Mandheling province on the west coast of this Indonesian gem, our Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans are a true bestseller. These premium gourmet beans boast a heavy, complex, and syrupy flavor, offering a full-bodied experience with low acidity. Embrace the rich indulgence of our gourmet Sumatra Mandheling coffee.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Kick Ass By Kicking Horse Coffee

9. French Roast Decaf Coffee Beans

Here’s a dark roast favorite but make it decaf. These French Roast decaf beans are living proof that caffeine-free can still be full of flavor! Roasted to a deep and intense level, French Roast beans offer a rich, smoky flavor profile with significantly lower acidity and caffeine content. As only the highest-grade beans can withstand the heat and decaffeination process, French Roast decaf coffee beans are the ultimate choice for serious coffee enthusiasts seeking a bold and heavily-bodied cup without the buzz of caffeine.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: French Roast Decaf by Volcanica Coffee Company

10. Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Estate

Experience a taste of the Caribbean with these Haitian beans, cousins to the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee! Grown in the Nord Region of Haiti, they boast a velvety creaminess with low acidity and a mellow body. The taste profile of Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Estate coffee is often described as having notes of chocolate, caramel, and even hints of tropical fruits, evoking a sense of indulgence and luxury. Each sip is smooth and well-balanced with a gentle flavor that leaves a lasting impression.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Organic Haitian Blue by Fresh Roasted Coffee

11. Gourmet Almond Flavored Coffee Beans

Gourmet Almond Flavored Coffee Beans offer an inviting taste that’s reminiscent of freshly toasted almonds. They’re a blend of premium Arabica coffee beans infused with the delicate taste of almonds toasted to golden perfection. Indulge in the nutty goodness of these gourmet Almond Flavored beans. With a delightful hint of almond essence, they bring a sweet and aromatic twist to your coffee routine.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Toasted Almond Flavored Coffee by Coffee Beanery

12. Papua New Guinea Coffee Beans

Grown on rugged mountain slopes from special Albizia trees, these rare and exotic Papua New Guinea gourmet coffee beans offer a distinct flavor profile that’s as adventurous as their origin. They have a mild, slightly sweet and tangy taste with hints of fruity flavors. Handpicked and carefully sorted during processing to ensure a consistent quality, each cup of Papua New Guinea coffee offers a unique and rich taste.

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Papua New Guinea Reserve Coffee by Volcanica

13. Italian Espresso Decaf Coffee Beans

2024 is the year of decaf. Say “buongiorno” to the rich and robust taste of 100% Arabica decaffeinated Italia espresso coffee beans without the caffeine jolt. Crafted from premium mountain-grown Italia espresso beans, these gourmet delights are naturally decaffeinated delivering velvety smoothness. Perfect for enjoying your favorite art-of-coffee-making espresso beverages any time of the day!

Here is our top Amazon Recommendation: Dek Decaf Dark Espresso Roast by Lavazza

14. Sumatra Black Satin Coffee Beans – Dark Roast

Our bestselling coffee! Our Sumatra Black Satin Roast is the ultimate dark roast coffee, boasting a luscious, chocolaty, and full-bodied texture with a hint of mild earthiness. Savor the richness and uniqueness of this premium coffee, a true superior cup that’s rare and rich in flavor, making it a favorite among coffee lovers everywhere!

15. Peru Andes Organic Coffee

A fair trade favorite! Straight from the Peruvian Andes Mountains, these 100% organic beans are a tribute to the beauty of Peru’s high-altitude coffee farms. Smooth and easy on the stomach, they offer a nutty finish and low acidity for a truly comforting cup. The flavor profile often features hints of bright citrus, floral undertones, and subtle berry-like sweetness, creating a well-balanced and refreshing taste experience. No need to embark on a mountain trek – simply order a bag of this exceptional coffee.

16. Medium Roast Kenya AA Coffee Beans

A bestseller! Get ready to be wowed by the grandeur of Kenya’s finest! These Medium Roast Kenya AA beans offer a complex blend of fruit and berry, notes accompanied by a wine-like acidity and a rich, full-bodied aroma. Grown at impressive elevations of over 5000 feet, Kenya AA coffee beans are celebrated for their exceptional quality and consistency, earning their well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s greatest and most flavorful coffees.

17. Connoisseur Decaf Coffee Blend

Our top selling decaf coffee! Our Connoisseur Decaf Coffee Blend is the crème de la crème of caffeine-free choices boasting a masterful blend of the finest Arabian, African, and Indonesian gourmet coffee beans. Our special decaffeination process ensures that only the robust flavors and natural nuances shine through, leaving you with a full-bodied, medium roast delight without the buzz. Savor the incredibly smooth taste and spicy aroma of this decaffeinated gourmet coffee and enjoy cup after cup without hesitation.

18. Java Dutch Estate Coffee Beans

You’re in for a treat with these customer-favorite Java Dutch Estate Beans! In our culture, “java” is a word we often use for coffee, but it actually refers to a type of unique Indonesian coffee grown on Java, Indonesia’s biggest island. These coffee beans are cultivated in fertile volcanic soil on the island at a height of 4500 feet above sea level. The result is a full-bodied flavor with delicious notes of cocoa and spice that will leave you enchanted by the magic of Indonesia’s coffee.

19. Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee Beans

Get ready for a real crowd-pleaser! Our bestselling Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans offer a rich and mild flavor that’s sure to delight your taste buds. They strike a perfect balance with a smooth and lively acidity, making them a favorite among coffee lovers. They’re a special Caribbean gourmet larger bean with an exceptional taste grown at an incredibly high altitude.

20. Hawaii Kona Volcanic Estate Coffee Beans

Introducing our bestselling Kona Volcanic Estate gourmet coffee beans handpicked from Hawaii’s Kona coast! These rare beans deliver a rich light-to-medium-bodied flavor and a complex aroma. You can expect delightful notes of tropical fruit, including hints of sweet pineapple and citrus, complemented by subtle nutty undertones. The coffee’s brightness and acidity are gentle, making it exceptionally easy to drink and savor. Grown in just 3000 acres, Kona coffee boasts the highest yield of Arabica beans per acre in the world. Capture the spirit of aloha in every aromatic sip.

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