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The Coffee Bean

A recent dinner conversation, stemming from the capers in our pasta sauce, turned to how coffee beans actually grow. What kind of plant do they grow on? What do they look like? How are they harvested? The dinner group didn’t have all the answers to the questions; they agreed that coffee is kind of like […]

What makes the perfect cup of coffee?

It’s all about the bean. Or, more specifically, that wonderful flavor you get from our gourmet coffee comes from the oils in the bean. But, like Superman and kryptonite, super oils lose their potency when exposed to oxygen. We seal our beans in airtight bags, with a one-way valve. You know those self-serve coffee bean […]

Differences in Coffee Grinds and When to Use Each Grind

That’s Coffee offers gourmet coffee beans in 4 different grinds: whole bean, espresso grind, drip grind and the ever popular French press grind. Most know what whole bean and drip grind are used for but French Press and Expresso are a bit more confusing. Well lets clear up the mystery so you too can enjoy […]

Influenced by Coffee Beans

If you enjoy drinking coffee then you will understand that your coffee needs to taste fantastic at all times. You will want to ensure that you buy the best coffee beans there are and that you know how to brew them correctly to give you a great cup of coffee every time. The coffee bean […]

Tips for Storing Gourmet Coffee

Here are a few tips for storing gourmet coffee: Don’t keep coffee in the fridge as it will absorb other flavors Don’t freeze the coffee as the moisture breaks down the natural oils Store gourmet coffee in a sealed container Buy freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans and grind just before brewing Don’t store the coffee […]

Vietnamese Gourmet Coffee

Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the late 19th Century and has been a popular beverage ever since. A French dark roast is used and ground finely, chicory may also be added and is in fact quite similar in taste to Cafe De Monde coffee and South Indian filter coffee. Vietnamese filter […]

Specialty Coffees

Coffee is a part of everyday life for many all over the world and is second only to tea as a beverage of choice. Man has been consuming coffee for the best part of recorded history and has experimented to create a variety of coffee specialty drinks to enhance the flavors of the brew. Coffee […]

Coffee Houses, Cafes & Online Coffee Stores

Coffee houses have become ever more popular in the last decade. The coffee shop is one of those much loved places that has its own inviting and heart warming appeal to so many of us. There are coffee houses practically on every street corner offering the pure and passionate taste of freshly ground coffee that […]

When Buying Whole Bean Coffee

For the serious coffee drinker, whole bean coffee is always the best option. Whole bean coffee stays fresh longer, and compared to pre-ground coffee, tastes much better when brewed immediately after grinding. This is true for regular as well as Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee. Whole Bean Verses Ground Coffee It is also more practical to purchase whole bean […]


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