Differences in Coffee Grinds and When to Use Each Grind

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That’s Coffee offers gourmet coffee beans in 4 different grinds: whole bean, espresso grind, drip grind and the ever popular French press grind. Most know what whole bean and drip grind are used for but French Press and Expresso are a bit more confusing. Well lets clear up the mystery so you too can enjoy them.

A French press grind is a coarse grind. When you brew coffee with a French press, coffee grinds are added with the water and a plunger is pressed to trap the coffee grinds at the bottom. Like with drip grind brewing, the strength of the coffee can easily be adjusted by the amount of ground coffee you use.

In Australia and other parts of the world, coffee brewed this way is called plunger coffee. In some parts of Europe, a French press is called a cafetière. Whatever you call it and wherever you are, many believe pressed coffee is the purest, best tasting coffee you’ll ever drink.

A French press coffee maker is also an earth friendly gift, because a press doesn’t use electricity, filters or pods. Buy them organic or fair trade beans and you’ve got a gift that’s perfectly suited for their lifestyle and values.

Do you have a friend that’s new to gourmet coffee? Introduce them to the superior taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain in whole bean form and add a coffee grinder. They’ll love you for it!

Espresso is used as a coffee base for many favorites, like Cappuccino and Mocha Latte. Like all our gourmet coffee, Espresso Verdi Gourmet is freshly roasted on the day it is delivered and can be ordered whole or espresso ground. Bellisimo!


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